Steam Supply welcomes active new accounts.  We request that accounts be maintained on
a 30-day current basis so that we may continue to provide our best service to you.  Our
terms are Net 30 Days.

Returned Goods
Our staff will make every effort possible to resolve errors which result in items being
returned for credit. Prompt and correct credit can only be assured when the customer can
reference an invoice number of the original purchase.  Should credit be allowed, a
restocking charge may be applied.  If the return is a non-stock item, credit will be issued
after the manufacturer has issued a credit to us, less their factory restocking charge.  
Special items from the factory may not be accepted back for credit.  No credit will be issued
for material that was not purchased from Steam Supply LLC.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.  Steam Supply
warrants that all products sold shall be free from defects in workmanship and material,
under the terms and conditions extended by the various manufacturers represented, when
used within the service and scope for which they were designed.  Such warranty shall apply
for a period of one year after shipment of the product.  If, at any time within this period, it is
established to the satisfaction of Steam Supply and the product manufacturer that the
product was defective at time of shipment, Steam Supply at its option shall furnish
replacements of, or repair the product.  It is understood that the liability of Steam Supply
shall be limited to such repair or replacement and that Steam Supply shall not be liable for
any direct or consequential damages arising out of any defects or from and cause
whatsoever.  This warranty does not cover deterioration by normal wear and tear or any
other cause of failure other than defects in workmanship and material as previously
outlined.  Unless any repairs to, alterations of, or work done on the product by the purchaser
is specifically authorized in writing by Steam Supply, any warranty applicable to the product
shall become null and void.
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