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6545 5th Place South
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Steam Supply and Rubber Company was founded in 1915 by Virgil W. Yates, who managed the
company for 51 years while building the firm on a foundation of offering the highest quality
products and insisting upon the finest service to his customers. One aspect of this service
included making deliveries by trolley car or bicycle from the original location on 79 Washington
Street.  Steam Supply relocated to the Pioneer Square area of Seattle in the early 1920’s, a historic
location we occupied for over 50 years.  
The ensuing years saw Steam
Supply develop into a major
distributor to the food
processing, laundry, hospital,
manufacturing, steamship,
petrochemical, forest products,
and power industries
throughout the Northwest.
The 1970's began the
expansion years of Steam
Supply which started by moving
into a 50,000 square foot
building on South Alaska Street,
and opening branches in
Oregon and Alaska.
In 1997, Steam Supply was purchased by Innovative Valve Technologies and became part of a publicly traded company with multiple
locations throughout the United States providing products and maintenance services to industrial customers.

As the 90's came to a close, Innovative Valve Technologies was purchased by the Flowserve Corporation. The Seattle office of Steam
Supply was merged into a large service location in Tacoma, WA, as the business focus was moving toward more emphasis on
maintenance services.  Shortly thereafter, the Steam Supply name was dropped in favor of the corporate identity.
The expansion process continued in the 80's and 90's by moving into California and Colorado
and operated valve repair service centers in many of the locations
With a desire to get back to the original roots of the company, a
small group of long time Steam Supply employees decided 2004
was the year to form Steam Supply LLC and get back in the Seattle
industrial market once again as a small, privately owned company
with a focus on the same basic principles upon which Steam
Supply was originally founded.
Although the business has evolved through the years, all of us with
Steam Supply maintain the original standards and goals of
providing top quality products and excellent service to our
customers.  Our reputation defines Steam Supply.